About Cecilia


I am a PhD researcher in the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK). At the moment I am working on 3D printed acoustic metamaterials, and my research interests are in general acoustics, bioinspired technologies, auditory systems, hearing aids, psychoacoustics, spatial & binaural audio, DSP, speech and language processing.

My first encounter with the world of acoustics was during the years spent studying piano at the Conservatory. I followed some courses on organology related to the history and the acoustics of musical instruments and to the physics of sound.

It was only some years later, when I moved to Scoltand, that I realized what an amazing subject acoustics is. I enrolled in the MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology at the University of Edinburgh (UK), where I had the opportunity to attend courses such as acoustics, digital signal processing (DSP), speech and language processing, automatic speech recognition. In my final project I built a model with Matlab that simulated the phenomenon of otoacoustic emissions, and I also measured them using a specific equipment and LabVIEW.