What is Acoustics?

Even though it is often seen as a branch of physics, it is more correct to define Acoustics as an interdisciplinary science. Acoustics studies the propagation of sound and vibrational waves. We encounter audible acoustic waves everyday, in human speech communication, while listening to music, while travelling by train or on the road, walking and hiking in the nature..

Acousticians usually come from many different backgrounds, as illustrated in “Lindsay’s Wheel of Acoustics”, created by R. Bruce Lindsey (JASA V. 36, p. 2242 (1964)).


This picture looks for sure a little bit outdated, but it conveys the message! To have a broader idea about different topics in acoustics this new blog of the Acoustical Society of America contains plenty of resources and nice videos like this one:

Some readings on Acoustics that I have found great as introductions to the subject are fore example:

This list will probably get longer every month, so stay tuned for a post about readings! (If you know about interesting books, blogs, movies, YouTube channels about acoustics feel free to contact me or comment below.)

I’ll close the post with a song from the Boards of Canada, one of my favourite bands, I discovered their songs a few months before moving to Scotland, where they record their music in a secret studio hidden somewhere in the Pentland Hills..