Universities and Courses

In this page I outline many undergruate and postgraduate degrees that could lead to a career in Acoustics. I think that there are many paths that one could choose, some degrees have a more open approach and others are more specific towards an area of Acoustics. If you know about other Acoustics degrees that you think I should add in this list, please contact me.


“What’s your background?” This is a very common phrase to hear in Acoustics, as it is a very interdisciplinary subject. The majority of people have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, but others come from Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science. There are a few people that have studied Music in their Undergraduate Degree (I am one of those): if you studied Music you are usually required to have also a good knowledge of maths (linear algebra, calculus), physics and computer programming (Matlab, C++ or Python) before entering a Master. A popular Bachelor’s Degree among acousticians is Physics and Music, it is offered in many Universities, two examples are:

Of course one could choose a Bachelor’s Degree in Acoustics, two examples are:


 There are many Acoustics degrees at Master Level, to choose the one for you I suggest you to carefully check the courses offered in the Master. Some of them could be more general and give you the possibility to explore every area of Acoustics, others may be more focused on a topic (for example room acoustics, buildings acoustics, sensors, auditory, etc.). Moreover, some Masters may allow you to choose some electives from other Masters, therefore it is always a good idea to first contact the course organizer and ask for more information about the structure of the degree.

  • Universität Oldenburg (Germany), Master Program Neuroscience (It focuses on sensory neuroscience, interesting if you go for an auditory neuroscience path)


PhD and Postdoc positions may be offered from many different  Universities, even if they do not have an Acoustics research group, and Labs. For jobs, doctoral and postdoctoral research opportunities please refer to this page. This is a list of the labs that regularly offer research positions:


Other good resources to look for Acoustics Degrees are:


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